Self Help Group (SHG)

The SZKP has implemented the women empowerment programme for capacity building of women in Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. About 2500 SHGs are registered by SZKP to provide a platform for poor women to participate in main stream economics activity. The SZKP help in capacity building by providing greater awareness on various agricultural development and welfare programme relating to women health ad education. SZKP intervention enable women to become self reliant, develop interpersonal skills and recognize the importance of the role and contribution they can make to society. In addition women are imparted much needed professional skills in agricultural for self employment.

Women Empowerment

  • Formation of 150 self help group of women under Women empowerment scheme of Dept of State Agriculture covering 50 villages.
  • Capacity building of women in farming especially crop production backyard poultry, dairy, processing.
  • Exposure your of women’s for upgrading knowledge & increase participation in agriculture & allied activities.
  • Leads in increasing annual income from farming & allied activities.
  • Formation of cluster under SFURTI identified artisans in fruit processing from above 150 shg’s covering 12 villages.
  • Total artisans identified 523.
  • No. of SHG’s formed 25


  • To provide year round of employment to artisans.
  • To upload the stall of the artisans through skill development programme.
  • To development marketing structure under one umbrella & one brand.
  • Formation of producer company of artisans with their 100% participation.
  • To gave good market price for their raw material.
  • construction of CFC of 5000 sq.ft to carry quality production.