Out Mission

  • To bring about economic upliftment of farmers of Sindhudurg  district
  • Help to achieve self sufficiency in food, milk & meat production
  • To impart knowledge comprehensively in all the fields related to  agriculture  & rural development
  • To enhance the status of women in society through women empowerment particularity in the field of agriculture, education & health
  • To create a wealth of human resource who will dedicate their life to develop India
  • To eradicate blind faith , Superstitions & promote scientific thoughts in society
  • To promote sustainable development & protect environment ecology to reduce the impact of global warming, climate change
  • To promote cultural activities in society
  • Development of skilled human resources


  • Waste land development, orchard development & Agro consultancy for farmer
  • Develop sustainable living habitat for farming community and all
  • To establish energy park & implement the schemes regarding non-traditional energy and set  unit for it.
  • To promote organic & sustainable farming and spread it
  • To set-up self help  groups of rural women and  assist for their sustainability, education and  health, to arrange training programme and find out market for their products