Mango Festival

Mango is the national Fruit of India. In Konkan of Maharashtra alphonso is the leading cultivar in Konkan region. Mango is well recognized as King of fruits. India is the largest producer of Mangoes in the world. Alphonso is a symbol of quality among mango cultivars because of its peculiar flavor & longer shelf life. It is the leading variety exported on a large scale. However, most of the farmers of the konkan region have no direct access to markets and are entirely dependent upon middlemen who regularly exploit them. On the other hand, the consumers are also at disadvantage, as they rarely get quality Alphonso mango for which they pay heavily, There is an urgent need to find out new market channels and also to educate both farmers and consumers regarding quality control of alphonso mangoes..

  • The mango festival provides a common platform for buyers and sellers of mango and develops new quality concepts in marketing mango. Besides this the small farmers can ensure better processes for their quality produce.
  • The main objective of mango festival is to develop and maintain credible quality control structure so that exporters and consumers are assured of quality mango and farmers realize reasonably high prices for their fruits.
  • The konkan region of Maharashtra is blessed with the choicest mango variety Alphanso.
  • The objectives of organizing the festival namely creating an interface between the farmers and consumers, standardizing the product along globally accepted norms, rationalizing the prices by eliminating middlemen, educating the farmers in emerging techniques etc. are indeed laudable. It increases the export potential of mango.
  • Mango festival is the first step in marketing channels